Thursday, October 25, 2007 01:24 PM
And Yet More New Music Comments
 by Fëanor

[UPDATED. See below.]

One of the CDs I picked up in Rehoboth was by a band that doesn't technically exist. No, not Gorillaz, although I love them, too; this is another band that doesn't exist: Dethklok. Dethklok are a heavy metal band who are the stars of the cartoon Metalocalypse, which is part of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. I hadn't seen much of this cartoon until a marathon of it came on one night (mentioned here) and I watched like ten episodes in a row. It was awesome. In the show, the band has an incredibly large fan base and is enormously powerful - to the extent that they are constantly watched by the secret rulers of the world (composed of military generals, religious leaders, etc.), who occasionally attempt to destroy them. Their music pretty much embraces all the cliches of speed metal and death metal, and then turns them all up to eleven. The punishing beat, the screaming guitars, the deep-voiced, roaring vocalist, the lyrics full of hate and death and the devil. It's brilliant. So I figured a whole album of it would be fantastic.

The album is called The Dethalbum, and while it's not as truly excellent as I had hoped and dreamed it would be, it's still pretty freaking great. With titles like "Bloodtrocuted," "Briefcase Full of Guts," "Hatredcopter," and "Castratikron," how could it not be? I haven't listened to it carefully enough or enough times yet to go into much more detail about it, but I can say that "Hatredcopter" is one of my early favorites, and that it is indeed about a helicopter full of hate.


Oh, and P.S., iTunes Smart Playlists freaking rock. I was thinking I'd like to be able to shuffle through all the music I've added to my iPod recently (most of which I haven't had much chance to listen to yet), and using the Smart Playlist feature I was able to quickly and easily throw together a collection of all the tracks I've added in the past month. Good stuff.

UPDATE: After listening to this album again on the way home, I've changed my mind - it is truly excellent. It is the best of all possible Dethklok albums. There's an ode to their fans which turns out to be about how much they hate and despise their fans and wish that they would die. There's a song about being murdered by a mermaid. There's a birthday song that ends up being all about death. And it's all done to a soundtrack of driving, ridiculous, over-the-top, totally freaking awesome metal. I need to listen to it again as soon as possible.
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