Thursday, November 17, 2016 09:45 AM
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Fighting Back
 by Fëanor

I've been trying to work out how best I can fight back against Trump, and according to what I'm reading, actually picking up the phone and calling your Representatives is the best way to be heard. My Representatives here in New Jersey are all Democrats and most of them have already spoken out and taken stands against Trump, so I'm not sure how much me calling them really means, but I want to feel like I'm doing something, so that's what I'm doing.

I spoke to a human at Donald Norcross' office, and left a message for Cory Booker. Interestingly enough, Robert Menendez's line was busy, and his mailbox was full! So I'll have to try him again later. (ETA: I did call back, and this time I got through to a staffer and gave him my spiel.) I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to call my more local Representatives, like the state senator and state assembly members, as I'm not sure how much they can really do, but maybe I will give it a shot.

If you're interested, below is a generic version of the script I'm using; I alter it slightly for each person to make it more specific to them and what they've done so far. Also, if you need to figure out who your representatives are (I did!), you can use this tool or this site.

Hi, I'm [Your Name], a constituent of [Representative's Name]. I'm calling to ask [Representative's Name] to use all means at his disposal to fight back against President-elect Trump and his policies of hate. In particular, I'm hoping [Representative's Name] will speak out strongly against President-elect Donald Trump's naming of Steve Bannon as chief White House strategist and senior counselor. Mr. Bannon built and runs a powerful platform for promoting racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia. The election of Trump and appointment of Bannon made the KKK and other white nationalist groups rejoice. For me personally, Trump's election and his actions so far have been terrifying. I fear for the safety of my friends and loved ones, and for the future of our country and our world. We cannot sit idly by and allow white supremacists to take over our government. We cannot allow Mr. Trump to take away womens' right to choose; to take away the rights of citizens based on their sexual orientation, race, or religion; to dismantle the Affordable Care Act or Medicare; and we cannot allow Mr. Trump to obstruct the fight against climate change, which is essential to the survival of humanity. All Americans of good conscience must join in opposing Mr. Trump, and I hope [Representative's Name] will be part of that fight. Thank you.
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