Wednesday, January 19, 2011 10:59 AM
Latest Musical Discoveries
 by Fëanor

I can't believe it's been over a year since I did one of these! Good lord! I've got some music to catch you up on.

Bear in Heaven - Mellow indie rock with a vague techno/electronic/psychedelic vibe. Consistently good. I've got Beast Rest Forth Mouth and a CD's worth of remixes.

Broken Bells - A talented indie pop supergroup, consisting of Danger Mouse and James Mercer, the frontman for The Shins. You have to have heard this band's catchy single, "The High Road," at some point. They've got only one disc so far, a self-titled release that came out last year (and which just managed to secure one of the coveted spots on my top ten albums of the year list).

Codeine Velvet Club - A Scottish alternative band that formed in 2008 and is already broken up! They put out only one self-titled release, and it's good.

Das Racist - Since you asked, no, I'm not entirely comfortable listening to a group that calls itself "Das Racist," but what can you do? These guys are good! It's a rap group out of Brooklyn. I have Sit Down, Man and I'm downloading Shut Up, Dude literally as I type this. You can get both for free on their website, linked above.

Freelance Whales - An indie pop rock band from Queens with one release called Weathervanes (which was a runner-up on that list I already mentioned). Nice stuff.

Imaad Wasif - This guy's stuff is described as "folk rock," but that can't be right because I don't like folk, and I like this. I think it's more prog rock than folk rock. I'm talking about the one release I have, The Voidist.

JEFF The Brotherhood - Straight up, old school, loud, noisy, garage rock. Not complicated, but consistently good. I've got Heavy Days.

Ketch Harbour Wolves - Alternative/indie rock with powerful, emotional vocals. I've got Anachronisms.

Meshuggah - Swedish experimental metal. Hell yes. I have Destroy Erase Improve, which came out in 1995. Maybe it's time to track down some of the band's more recent releases.

The Pack A.D. - Kick-ass bluesy rock from Canada, of all places. I have We Kill Computers, which thankfully has yet to actually kill my computer, despite its brutality.

Past Lives - Not sure how to describe these guys. Indie, I guess? Loud and slightly weird. I have Tapestry of Webs. It's good.

Phoenix - That French indie pop rock band that had that hit on that car commercial! The band's most recent release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (which has the car commercial track on it - it's called "1901"), is quite good, but I'm sad to say the earlier releases are not nearly as good. Cheesy and forgettable. Stick with that one disc and you're good.

Pirate Love - It's hard to resist an album called Black Vodoun Space Blues. The sound is sort of eerie psych rock? I don't know, I suck at describing music. It's good!

Sandman Viper Command - When you want some solid, entertaining indie rock, queue up Everybody See This.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt - This band's Have the Best Day of Your Life! nearly got a spot on my list of the best albums of 2010. Fun, rather silly indie rock.

Thank God - Loud, noisy, experimental punk! Yay! I've got Ice/Age.

Think About Life - Canadian indie rock, with a slightly funky feel. Family from 2009 is the album I have.

The True Lovers - Quality classic rock out of Brooklyn. I think the self-titled disc is their only release, but it's hard to tell (MySpace sucks, man).

Valient Thorr - METAL! Yeah! The latest release is Stranger, which is what I've got. It's quality.

Older, Well-Known Bands I Really Should Not Have Only Just Discovered
The Crystal Method - Yes, the electronic/dance band that everyone else has known about since the early '90s. I have Divided By Night.

Daft Punk - Thanks to Tron Legacy for finally introducing me to this famous electronic duo.

Jay-Z - You may have heard of this guy. I have The Blueprint 3.
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