Tuesday, September 1, 2009 01:33 PM
 by Fëanor

We recently returned from a week-long trip to Duck, North Carolina. My parents rented a house there and poppy, Floyd, and I stayed there with them, their dog Rusty, my brother, his wife, and their daughter. I spent most of the time eating, blogging, playing video games, and hanging out at the pool. Good times. A few further notes:

  • The house was surrounded by spiders, a number of them quite large - although thankfully none of them ever got inside the house. Mom and I, with the help of the internet, identified the biggest ones as orb weavers. They were generally very still, although they did twitch if you made a loud noise. They were a little frightening, but did not capture any of our cars in a giant web, or jump on anyone's face.

  • Floyd tends to get a little freaked out on long drives, so the last time we took him with us to Duck, we drugged him both ways. We used a mild sedative the vet had given us for this purpose, which left Floyd acting like a drunk zombie. We used the same drug this time on the way down, but whether because he's built up a resistance to the drug, or because it lost its potency since it was prescribed, or because we gave it to him on a full stomach this time, it didn't really affect him until many hours into the journey. Despite this fact, he actually handled the traveling quite well, and did pretty good in the house, too, so on the way back we decided not to drug him at all. He was very calm for most of the ride, and only seemed to get freaked out when we stopped in a strange place (I think he was afraid we were taking him to the vet). What a good doggie!

  • The night before we left Duck we watched the great majority of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus on Syfy. Wow. What a terrible film. It was a failure in every way: bad writing, bad acting, bad editing, bad effects, bad story, bad sets, etc. The biggest name stars in the movie were Debbie Gibson (who played a scientist) and Lorenzo Lamas (who played a gruff, arrogant, irritating military man). The best scene by far was the one where the Mega Shark leaped out of the water and chomped an airliner out of the sky. Sadly there were very few scenes like that; the majority of the movie was painfully badly acted dialog scenes on really cheap sets.

  • I was lucky enough to be a big favorite of my niece Cara this time around. I was often requested to sit near her or help her with one thing or another. I was very flattered. She's a sweet little girl.

  • On the way back home I became so desperate for coffee that I got some at McDonalds, even though I was pretty sure that McDonalds coffee would be terrible. Turns out I was right. Even with all the cream and sugar I put in it, it just tasted like hot, bitter water. That doesn't mean I didn't drink the whole cup, of course.

  • Also on the way back we made a special u-turn so we could stop at a Dairy Queen and try their new Thin Mint Blizzard. Thumbs up!
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