Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:29 PM
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Adventures in Rehoboth
 by Fëanor

poppy and I took our semi-annual vacation to Rehoboth this past weekend. We got lucky with the weather (there was one weird moment at Grotto Pizza when the heavens opened up and it just poured, but we were safe under an awning eating pizza until it was over) and, except for my allergies attacking me savagely throughout, we had a pretty good time. I took my usual trips to the Book Trader (picking up a couple of graphic novels for cheap - expect reviews in a future edition of The Take, which I really have to catch up on again, btw) and the CD store (picking up 11 CDs for an average price of less than $8). We also hit Old Navy, where I replenished my rapidly depleting sock collection and picked up another hoodie (I'm addicted to hoodies now). There were also a few trips to the beach, which poppy enjoyed a great deal, and which I... endured. I like the beach fine, but there were lots of bugs, which I dislike, and I'm really not good at just sitting around and not doing anything. Other activities included walking the boardwalk and playing some games in the arcades; poppy kicked butt at skee ball and won herself a puppy.

I have a rule when I go into the CD store: I will buy no CD that is more than $10, because I know I will almost certainly be able to download the same music for that price or less online. Thanks to the store having a lot of cheap used CDs, I can still get a lot of great music for that price. This time I picked up:

Megadeth - Greatest Hits
King Diamond - Abigail
Manowar - Best of Manowar: The Hell of Steel
The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!??!
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
Velvet Revolver - Libertad
Clutch - Slow Hole to China: Rare and Re-released
Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Elvis Costello - All This Useless Beauty
Metallica - ...And Justice For All
Bob Dylan - Together Through Life

So far I've listened to most of the Bob Dylan album, and the entirety of the Metallica album. I heard great things about Together Through Life, which is Dylan's latest, but I have to say I find it pretty boring so far. In the same vein as the stuff he's been doing lately, but not even as interesting. Metallica, however, I like just fine. It's hard to go wrong with metal as far as I'm concerned.

We ate out for every meal throughout the weekend, enjoying all the beach food that Rehoboth has to offer: awesome Mexican food and margaritas at the Mariachi Restaurant (highly recommended), ice cream (I tried chocolate covered bacon ice cream, but was surprised to find it was not for me; ended up with a cone of Better Than Sex ice cream instead, which did not actually live up to its name, but was still good - it was chocolate cake batter ice cream with chunks of chocolate and chocolate fudge mixed in), Five Guys burgers, Thai food, and more. But eating out that many times in a row ended up being too much even for me. I started to crave something light and healthy, like a salad. Still, when, on the way home, we needed to stop somewhere for lunch, I couldn't resist swinging in at the Sonic. I have very fond memories of Sonic from a visit to New Mexico when I was younger, and I'm constantly tantalized by commercials for it on TV, which I know can never lead to anything, as there are no Sonics anywhere near here.

So we parked at the Sonic and prepared to go inside, only to discover that you can't go inside a Sonic - you have to order outside, either at a table or from your car, using a drive-thru style intercom system. We opted for the car. Neither of us were sure what to order; normally I'd just get the bacon cheeseburger, but at this point I didn't even want one (so you know something was horribly wrong). I'd also thought I might finally have a corn dog this weekend (it seems wrong to me that I've never had one - it's a fried hot dog! It was practically made for me!), but that didn't seem attractive to me, either. But still, I determined to get something - maybe a chicken sandwich - and pushed the order button. And waited. And waited. Then I pushed it again. Nothing. Neither of us were really that excited about Sonic anymore at this point, so we just drove across the street to Wendy's and got our chicken sandwiches there.

But some day! Some day I will go back to Sonic. And some day I will have a corn dog. The point is, Rehoboth was a good time, as always.
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