Sunday, March 8, 2009 02:12 PM
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My Schedule
 by Fëanor

(UPDATE: I've made some changes to my schedule. I removed some movies that I'm going to be able to see screeners for instead, and I took off 20th Century Boys 2 because 20th Century Boys 1 turned out to be kind of dumb. I also switched to a different screening of Herb and Dorothy to fill up a gap and free up another day.

UPDATE 2: Another change to the schedule! Rock Prophecies got canceled. I was going to replace it with Sita Sings the Blues, but that's silly, as you can watch the whole thing online. I'm just going to keep my Friday night clear.)

I put the finishing touches on my Philadelphia Film Festival/Philly CineFest schedule this morning, so I thought I might as well go ahead and post it here. I decided I wanted to keep it simple and easy this year, so I went with a relatively small number of films and as few late nights as possible. (It helps that I should be able to watch four more of the movies I wanted to see via screeners ahead of time - which is why only 20th Century Boys 2 is on my schedule, and not 20th Century Boys.) Let me know if you'd like to join me at any of these screenings. I always like some company, and I'll probably be able to save a seat for you.

The Perfect SeasonFri, 3/275PMPrince75min
MoonFri, 3/277:15PMRitz East97min
HungerSat, 3/2812:15PMPrince96min
Herb and DorothySat, 3/284:45PMRitz East91min
Before the FallSat, 3/284:30PMPrince93min
RevancheSat, 3/289:30PMRitz 5121min
20th Century Boys 2Sun, 3/299:15PMRitz East139min
The ChaserMon, 3/309:15PMRitz East125min
Stone of DestinyTue, 3/314:45PMPrince96min
Phantom PunchTue, 3/317PMPrince104min
The Brothers BloomTue, 3/319:15PMPrince109min
Jury DutyWed, 4/14:45PMPrince88min
The Hurt LockerWed, 4/17PMPrince130min
Number One with a BulletThu, 4/24:45PMPrince101min
Rock PropheciesFri, 4/36:45PMIhouse85min
The Joy of SingingSat, 4/412PMPrince96min
ZiftSat, 4/45:30PMBridge92min
JuliaSun, 4/52:15PMRitz East140min
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