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New Music
 by Fëanor

Well, that didn't take long. I'm back over 1000 unrated songs on the iPod again. This is thanks to the fact that we went down to Rehoboth Beach this past weekend, and when I'm there one of the things I enjoy doing is going across the street from our hotel to the CD store and picking my way slowly and carefully through their entire collection, purchasing any album that interests me and that costs $9.99 or less. (Since all I'm going to do with the CD is rip it and put it on my iPod, I figure it doesn't make any sense to pay more than I would at the iTunes Music Store.) This time I ended up buying 15 new* CDs for about $100, which is really a pretty sweet deal. (It was actually originally going to be 16, but as is traditional, despite the fact that I brought my iPod with me and was continually checking it to make sure I wasn't buying anything I already had, I still managed to mistakenly purchase a CD that poppy already owns [she thinks I may have even bought the same one last time I was there], so I returned it the next day.) I ended up concentrating mostly on metal, but still managed to impress the CD clerk with my eclectic tastes ("Wow, 3 Inches of Blood and U2!"). The complete list, with notes, is below.

Modest Mouse - Building Nothing out of Something

Disturbed - Believe

Bjork - Telegram

Dio - Metal Hits (Essentially a best of collection; the important part is, it includes "Holy Diver.")

Clutch - Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths (Their first album. I believe I now own the complete Clutch collection.)

Judas Priest - Prisoners of Pain (There were actually a number of Priest CDs that fit my specifications, but I picked this album because it includes a couple of tracks I know I like.)

Seether - Karma and Effect (I know, I know, they're lame nu-metal, but what can I say? I really enjoy them.)

Phantom Planet - The Guest (I was surprised to discover, after purchasing this, that it's a double album - and even more surprised to discover that both CDs are apparently exactly the same. Or maybe they just tricked iTunes into thinking they were the same. I'll have to investigate further. UPDATE: After investigating further, it appears that iTunes was simply confused and they are in fact entirely different CDs. iTunes was so sure they were the same, I could only get it to copy three songs from the second CD, even after renaming it, so I guess I'll actually have to wipe the entire album from iTunes' memory before I try to load the second disc again. Very strange.)

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Supergrass - I Should Coco

U2 - The Joshua Tree (Believe it or not, neither poppy nor I owned this album until now.)

3 Inches of Blood - Fire up the Blades (Yay, screamy metal!)

The Sword - Gods of the Earth (How could I resist an album with track titles like "The Frost-Giant's Daughter" and "Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians"? I've only heard a couple of the songs on this so far, but they were both fantastic, so I'm pretty excited.)

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

Beastie Boys - To the Five Boroughs

Lit - A Place in the Sun (This is the CD I bought by mistake that poppy already owns; I copied it when I got back.)

*I should point out that most of the CDs were only "new" to me; many were actually used. Thus the cheap prices.
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