Wednesday, November 3, 2004 10:02 AM
 by Fëanor

Well, it's not over yet, but it's also really not looking good for Kerry. Anyway I did my part to keep Jersey blue, and it was nice to see a victory there, as well as in Pennsylvania.

But regardless of what happens, I am really disappointed in the people of America. It shouldn't even have been close. Kerry should have won in a landslide. And I held out hope, even as late as 8PM last night, that that might actually happen. But instead millions and millions of people voted for Bush. Why? I still don't understand. I mean, I just don't get it. What country were they living in the past four years? It's not the one I was living in.

But what disappointed me even more was learning that gay marriage bans passed, in most cases by wide margins, in every state where they were on the ballot.

Do so many of us still believe that people should be denied basic rights because of their sexual orientation? Why are we developing so slowly? Why did it take us so long to abolish slavery, so very painfully long to give women and African Americans the vote? Why are we still fighting for everybody to be treated equally? Shouldn't we have moved on by now? How long is it going to take, damn it?

I feel like--and I know many people would agree with me--this election was a test of us as a people and a nation.

Well, we failed miserably.

Sorry to be so downbeat, people. Let me try to lighten the mood a bit. Vis Major sent me this most uplifting link this morning. Also, you should totally head on over to the Daily Show website, click on the videos link, and find the one entitled "Arafat Ailing (SOX WIN!!!)." It is totally f'ing hilarious. I'm also hoping somebody will post the video of Stephen Colbert's closing commentary from the Daily Show election special last night. It was awesome. To people hoping for unity after the election, he gave a hearty, "Shut your ugly cake hole, fatty!"

And on that note, a good day to you all.

UPDATE: This is pretty damn funny, too. You know, if you're looking for things to cheer you up, like I am.

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