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Tuesday, October 6, 2009 10:16 AM
Comedy Attack!!!
 by Fëanor

I don't usually do event previews on here (maybe I should change that...), but I wanted to highlight an event coming up this Friday, October 9th: The Attack of the 1-4-5 Show! This is the third iteration of the 1-4-5 Show; you can read about the first two here and here. Sadly I will have to break my record of perfect attendance at the show, as I'll be out of town this Friday. But that's why you all have to go in my stead! I guarantee you it will be funny, as it features the excellent comedy stylings of my buddy Neil McGarry (seen above), as well as that of Carolyn Busa, Mike Eiswerth, Jess Carpenter, and hilarious professional comedian Joey Callahan. You must go, or you will hate yourself forever. Also, I will hate you forever. Well, okay, I won't hate you forever (*hugs*), but you should go anyway because it'll be fun.

What: The Attack of the 1-4-5 Show
When: Friday, October 9th at 8PM
Where: The Tuscany Café at 222 West Rittenhouse Square, at the intersection of Locust Street across from the Free Library
How Much: $10
Tagged (?): Comedy (Not), Events (Not), Video (Not)
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