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Sunday, November 30, 2008 01:52 PM
Running, Photos, Tree, Murder
 by Fëanor

Poppy ran a 5K race yesterday! It was the second annual Turkey Trot, a post-Thanksgiving charity race. Poppy did very well, and ran it in under 33 minutes. I'm very proud of her. She's officially a runner now. I took photos, which you can see here.

Yes, I finally gave in and switched to using Flickr for storing and displaying my photos. To a certain extent I feel like I've betrayed myself by giving up on the photo section of my own website. I probably could have put a lot of work into it and added a lot of the features that Flickr has... but why bother rebuilding the wheel? Flickr already does all this and does it very well, so I decided to just give in and get myself a free account. I'll probably be copying over a lot of my old photos in the coming weeks, but the only other photos on there at the moment, besides the Turkey Trot set, are of our Christmas tree. Poppy and I finally decided to get one this year, now that we have the space for it in the new house. It's a fake one, pre-lit, but we think it looks very nice, especially now that it's been decorated with a ton of ornaments, many of which we harvested from my parents' house. Said harvesting actually took the form of a draft, with myself and my sister-in-law alternating selecting ornaments from the pool. It was pretty funny. And thankfully I got pretty much all of the ornaments I really liked from my childhood. Hopefully Steve didn't miss out on anything he really loved. Otherwise the bitterness will grow slowly inside him over the years until it finally bursts out in a moment of rage and he kills us all and becomes a Sith Lord. That's worst case scenario, of course.
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