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Monday, February 14, 2011 11:00 AM
 by Fëanor

Fëanor pours the entire internet into the Recyclotron, and only the best links come out the other end for you to enjoy.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010 12:46 PM
 by Fëanor

Fëanor pours the entire internet into the Recyclotron, and only the best links come out the other end for you to enjoy.

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Friday, April 2, 2010 10:50 AM
(Last updated on Friday, April 2, 2010 12:39 PM)
 by Fëanor

Fëanor pours the entire internet into the Recyclotron, and only the best links come out the other end for you to enjoy.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010 03:47 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 13 - "Epitaph 2: The Return")
 by Fëanor

Spoilers ahoy!

I was wondering how much connection there'd be between this episode and the unaired "Epitaph 1." Looks like a lot! They're playing clips from "Epitaph 1" in the opening, and it looks like we're picking up right where that episode left off. I'm glad I got around to watching it when I did!

They've been captured and taken to Neuropolis, the city of minds, once the headquarters of Rossum. Crazy.

Zone: "And you just didn't think to mention that Safe Haven was parked right next to the frickin' Death Star?!"
Caroline: "It had to be. This is where we got the vaccine."
So they did get that vaccine eventually.

Harding's here! Although of course in another body. Apparently he's enjoying the finer things in life as much as he possibly can. He's picking out yet another new body - one of the options is Ballard!! Looks like he and the real Echo are already here, breaking in.

Echo points a gun at Harding.
Harding: "Please. You know I'm backed up. Why even bother?"
Echo: "Ask me again some time." Shoots him. Nice.

Looks like Echo and Ballard came to break out crazy Topher, who's been here working on something for the remains of Rossum, against his will. Topher is close to figuring out how to get everyone back the way they were. "Like an echo.... I can bring back the world."

Sierra's got a kid!

Echo: "Thanks for the insight, mini-me."

Ballard: "Topher thinks he can flip it. Create a pulse to restore all the wiped minds."
Zone: "Yeah, he also thinks he's a little teapot, short and stout."
DeWitt: "Topher Brink is a genius, and you will keep a civil tongue in this house or we'll put it in the stew."
Mini-Echo: "Good to see you've mellowed."
Sierra: "We don't really eat people's tongues."
Zone: "Cool."

Man, the writers (Joss Whedon mostly, I assume) were on fire for this episode! Figures.

Topher's "fix" is a double-edged sword. It would reset everyone. They'd all forget everything that happened, go back to how they were before this all started. To escape the effects of the pulse, they'd have to go underground for a year. Wow.

Ballard: "This is where it gets interesting."
Mag: "It was dull?"

For Topher to finish his work, they have to go get him stuff from the Dollhouse.

Zone: "Oh, c'mon! We just left that party! That party was on fire!"

Ballard: "The world still needs heroes, kid."
Everyone laughs.
Echo: "Did you really just say that?"
Ballard: "What? I was being inspirational."
Echo: "You are so corny."
Ballard: "You're... fat."

Mini-Echo whispers in Ballard's ear: "She loves it when you're corny." That's so cute!

Holy crap! Victor shows up in a giant truck with a bunch of foreigners, all in Mad Max-style garb. Apparently they're all "tech-heads" - all wired up with "mods." Clearly Vic and Sierra have gone their separate ways - although they seem to agree that their kid, T, should be free of technology.

Zone: "C'mon, it just takes me some time to process things, during which I yell. I know what's at stake. Besides, who doesn't want to spend some quality time with these awesomely normal people."
Mag: "Little Asian's kinda cute."
Zone: "She's a tech-head, Mag.... She's a girl, Mag!"

Love this. The "little Asian" tech girl has a bunch of what look like USB drives around her neck. One is labeled "weapons expert." Another is labeled "mercy." She took the latter out to make room for the former, apparently.

Ballard dead (again). Mag crippled. Jesus.

Back in the Dollhouse. It's full of mindless actives again. Alpha is here - and he's their buddy now?? He lost his stomach for the fight? Wha??

Alpha: "Victor! Why would someone do something so horrible to your face?"
Victor: "Psycho."
Alpha: "Lapsed."
Holy crap, that was funny. And twisted!

Victor's tech-heads turn on our heroes. They realize that what our heroes are trying to do would destroy their world and their way of life. They'd rather be masters of a wasteland than servants in a frightening new world.

DeWitt: "I'm very glad you didn't clean up."
Alpha: "It spoke to the schizophrenic in me. Well, both of them, actually."

Echo's grief and regret over Ballard finally comes out while she's yelling at Sierra about Victor. A very powerful scene. Echo's and Ballard's relationship was a classic Whedon romance - totally fucked up and heartbreaking.

Topher's watching an instructional video starring his old flame, Bennett. He's going to sacrifice himself to set off the pulse. DeWitt embraces him. Another powerful scene. Man, this episode is killing me. Like, stabbing me in my heart. Now Sierra finally introduces her son to his father. They have the same name: Anthony. *sniff*

DeWitt will lead the actives into the light.
Echo: "Ever the shepherd."
DeWitt: "Funny the last fantasy the Dollhouse should fulfill would be yours."
Echo: "I don't have any fantasies, Adelle."
DeWitt: "More's the pity."

I have to say, I find it unlikely that a mind as brilliant as Topher's wouldn't be able to come up with a way to put a timer or a remote detonator on a bomb. But I'll accept the plot device because it works emotionally. I like that when the moment comes, he's looking at the wall of photographs labeled: "To Remember."

Alpha left Echo Ballard's chip. He's in her head now. Perfect. She'll never be alone again. She goes to sleep in her little pod.

Wow. I wasn't sure how Whedon was going to end this series, but he did it magnificently. A world reborn, and a tough road ahead, but some have found little pockets of happiness. A beautiful piece of television. Bravo, sir!
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Friday, January 15, 2010 11:20 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse ("Epitaph One")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!

I've been wanting to watch this unaired episode for forever, but never seemed to have the opportunity. Now that I have it on DVD, the series is nearly over, and the post-apocalypse is about to happen on the show "for real," I figured the time had finally come.

Hey, it's Felicia Day! Wow, lots of weird slang. I think I'm getting the gist of what's going on, though.

Oh man. They just stumbled upon the remains of the Dollhouse.

Felicia: "We all love the sound of our own voices. That's why we're here. We want to keep our own voices."

There are some continuity issues here, I think. But then again, this episode isn't really in continuity, per se.

Wow, we're getting to see Topher arriving at the Dollhouse for the first time! Fun.

Dominic: "Cities don't burn because everyone got smarter. Cities burn because someone lost control."
It's funny you should say that...

DeWitt: "Mr. Dominic is my ears and eyes."
Topher: "Can I be nose and throat?"

Sending the kid to go to the bathroom by herself while you take a shower alone in a giant, dark building you haven't explored completely? Not a good idea.

This is basically just a clip show, but a really clever one.

Woah! This flashback scene with Boyd and Saunders was actually reused in a recent, aired episode. Interesting.

Whiskey's here - but without her scars. What's this about?

Oh man, it's the kid! The kid's evil!

An interesting scene with Dominic, set post-apocalypse. I'm not sure this one could fit into continuity anymore... but then again maybe it could. They're talking about Caroline having the imprint blocker inside her.

Dominic: "Did I miss anything?"
DeWitt: "Just the vodka, thank God."

Victor: "You don't want to end up like November."
Sierra: "Which one?"
That's intriguing.

And now, in a new flashback, a weird post-apocalyptic religious ceremony. Here, again, Whiskey has no scars. Topher has totally lost it, apparently unable to deal with the enormity of what his technology did. DeWitt is taking care of him.

Topher: "An entire army in an instant. That's so brilliant. Why didn't I think of that? ...Did I think of that? Did I? Oh God. Oh my God."
Best scene in the episode.

Echo asks about how Whiskey's face got fixed; she says it's a long story. Okay then.

Echo stored a backup copy of herself in the Dollhouse and Whiskey stayed behind to make sure it was found and Echo was brought back, so she could eventually save the day.

A very strange, very sad episode of the series, although it ends with the slim hope that the world might be healed. I wonder how much of it will fit in with what's going to happen in the last episode of the series...
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Friday, January 15, 2010 10:13 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 12 - "The Hollow Men")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!

I knew we hadn't seen the last of Victor and Sierra. Good to have them back! It's also good to have Victor/Topher back. Yay!

I'm really curious as to what wacky trick Boyd pulled to keep Echo from revealing his true identity. And also why a really old version of Topher was loaded up in the chair.

Turns out Boyd simply drugged Echo. Well, that works.

Victor/Topher: "That is so Ripley of you, and it's super sexy."

I'm so curious to see what Boyd's endgame is - why he's still pretending to not be the founder. And it's so weird knowing the truth now and watching him fake everyone out. It's also weird that the real Topher is ignorant of Boyd's treachery, while Victor/Topher knows all about it.

Victor/Topher loaded Victor up with kung fu! Nice.

Super-Echo is awake, free of the drugs, and knows all about Boyd! Look out, bitches!

Boyd: "Topher, think."
Topher: "That's what got us into this mess! I'm going for mindless destruction now."

Oh, man, Boyd's going to trick Topher into fixing the flawed prototype of the imprinting gun. Bastard!

Boyd: "You're here because you're my family. I love you guys."
Woah. That's actually way creepier than if he'd said some kind of classic villain-type line. Eee.

Boyd just wants to be the guy who makes the apocalyptic tech first, so he's the one to control it.
Boyd: "You want to be the destroyed or the destroyers?"
Wow. That's a screwed up philosophy.

Echo's ability to block imprints is unique and can't be copied. So...
Boyd: "We're going to use your spinal fluid to make a vaccine against imprinting."
That... actually seems like maybe a good idea? I mean, at least, having a vaccine against imprinting would be good.

Mellie is turned into killer-Mellie right after Ballard gives her a gun. D'oh. And then he throws his gun away so he can't kill her! That's like Luke throwing his lightsaber away at the end of Return of the Jedi. Dumb move!

Mellie going out that way is kind of a classic Whedon plot device, but I have to admit it makes sense; it works.

Boyd is extracting Echo's spinal fluid without killing her. Seriously, why is this a bad thing? I mean, it'd be nice if it was also painless, but still. Having a vaccine against imprinting would be very, very good!

Man, there's a lot of people wandering hallways and running into other people and pointing guns at them.

Ugh. Ballard got the completely wrong idea about who's responsible for all this. But he's quickly getting clued in.

Echo: "I loved you."
Boyd: "I know."
Woah, that's intense.

Oh shit! Topher shoots Boyd with the imprinting gun.
Boyd: "Did I fall asleep?"
Echo: "For a little while."

And now Echo's sending Boyd into the mainframe with a bomb strapped to him and telling him to detonate it when she leaves. Holy shit, that is cold!

Echo gets her very own classic, action movie-style, running-from-a-giant-explosion scene.

Ballard: "So, did we save the world?"
Echo: "I guess so."

Then we get the deadly "Ten Years Later" title card, and it turns out... the apocalypse happened anyway. Argh!!

Good lord, what an insane episode. I still find it a little odd that our heroes were so against the imprinting vaccine idea, but I guess you would want to hang onto your spinal fluid. And anyway, Boyd was clearly an insane and evil man, so reflexively thwarting his plans does make sense. Mostly this was another exciting, action-packed episode with some really stunning and powerful moments - especially all those last scenes with Boyd. They could easily have chopped the last minute off this episode and ended the series right there. It would have been a bit boring maybe, but they could have done it. But since they didn't, I'm burning with curiosity to see how the actual, post-apocalyptic series finale will turn out. Looking forward to it!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010 01:17 PM
(Last updated on Sunday, January 10, 2010 01:18 PM)
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 11 - "Getting Closer")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!!

Echo: "We haven't really talked since you... died."
Ballard: "I guess we've both died since then."
Echo: "Yeah. Weird week."

The legendary first meeting between Caroline and Bennett! Apparently Caroline always had a hard time deciding who and what she wanted to be.

Echo: "Are you saying she's evil?"
DeWitt: "Worse. An idealist."

Very impressed by DeWitt's people quickly and effectively breaking into Bennett's Dollhouse and nabbing her.

Bennett: "You let them roam. Roam like free-range chickens. We keep ours more like veal."

So, Caroline became Bennett's friend to get into Rossum - but having a friend meant more to Bennett than Caroline realized.

Ah ha! So that's where Saunders went, and why Langton's been talking about personal stuff he was dealing with at home!

To bring Ballard back, Topher had to erase his love for Echo. A rather ridiculous idea, and typical Whedon-style doomed love plot dynamics. Sigh.

Caroline: "You're not pissed because I used you?"
Bennett: "I'm hurt that you won't."
Caroline: "Wanna blow up a building?"

Love the sudden arrival of Dominic in the stairwell, with the dramatic message, "Clyde's dead. Rossum knows. They're coming."

Putting Dominic back in The Attic is a damn cold move, man.

Oh, good lord. Mellie's back! That's just creepy.

Well they've definitely declared war on Rossum now! I'm very annoyed that Langton was hit. But this is a Whedon show, and Langton just found happiness with a lover, so really something terrible had to happen to him, or her, or both.

The scene from the past where Caroline leaves Bennett behind is repeated, but this time details are added that make it clear Caroline was not the villain - she was trying to protect Bennett.

DeWitt: "Do you think a ranking Rossum board member would confine his consciousness to a single body?" Woah. That's unexpected, but it makes sense.

Langton: "I'll come back for you." Pfft. Yeah right. Joss Whedon himself is probably waiting at the door with an axe to finish you off.

It is truly hilarious when Topher makes out with Bennett while he continually says "Ow" and she continually says "I'm sorry." And then he says, "You know I always had a crush on you. Even when I thought you were a dude." Smooth!

Of course, having just said what I said about Whedon and doomed love affairs, I probably should have seen the thing with Bennett coming, but... I sure didn't!! Holy crap! Talk about a shock. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds there. Saunders? Why??

DeWitt: "You forced me to come to Arizona. I loathe Arizona."

Somebody got to Saunders. She's a sleeper.

Echo: "Boyd loves her."
Ballard: "He'll have to adjust."

Langton?!? Oh, man! The one guy I always trusted. In the beginning it was like we were seeing things through his eyes, so it never occurred to me to think of him as anything but totally trustworthy. Brilliant reveal. And now it looks like having Echo turn out the way she did was maybe part of his plan all along. Terrifying.

Joss Whedon's stories are predictable in the wider sense, in that you can have a general idea of the kind of emotional beats he'll aim for and the types of tragic things that will occur, but in the narrower sense of specific plot details, I never know what's going to happen. And I love it! There were a few corny moments and silly ideas in this episode, but it was shocking and clever and effective and ultimately I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!
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Monday, December 21, 2009 04:15 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 10 - "The Attic")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!

Ah, very clever! I sort of almost kind of fell for Echo's little Attic-induced hallucination.

This is the episode directed by comic book artist John Cassaday. Cool!

Love the tree and the snow in Echo's Attic dream.

Topher made a sports analogy! Then Ivy one-upped him. I think they're going to try to make Ballard's brain line up in a wildcat formation.

Uh oh. Why does DeWitt want to see Ivy?

The Attic is getting creepier by the second. Some entity called Arcane is moving from mind to mind, feeding on personal fears. And Dominic is back! Never thought we'd see him again.

I wonder what Langton's personal stuff is? I never really considered the possibility that he had a personal life.

Ivy was acting really weird there. I was worried for a second DeWitt might have had her zapped.

So Arcane is really Clyde? And Clyde has a vision of the shape of things to come? Huh?

This is pretty brilliant: the Attic is actually Rossum's mainframe - a computer made up of hundreds of human brains linked together.

Clyde is one of the two founders of Rossum. But that means the other founder and a second version of Clyde are both still floating around somewhere in the real world. Man, I really hope Topher isn't Clyde 2.0.

Ballard is back! Sort of. I like the scene where he wakes up and he has to get used to his completely restructured brain.

Echo: "Here goes everything."

OH WOW. This was DeWitt's plan all along. That is very cool. I did not see that coming at all.

Oh yeah, baby. We're going to war!!

Damn, I love where this show is going. Surprising, creative, exciting. Excellent.
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Monday, December 21, 2009 03:06 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 9 - "Stop Loss")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!

Wow, talk about devastating: the programmable love doll DeWitt has hired to get what she needs tells her he wouldn't believe for a second she's one of those pathetic souls who need to hire a programmable love doll to get what she needs.

I can't believe Victor's leaving, and he and Sierra are getting split up! Argh!

Poor Anthony is given his memories back and dumped into a world now five years into the future. I think he should have been given a series of classes to prepare him for Lady Gaga.

Sierra is right, Victor is definitely not ready to be by himself. He gets out of bed and goes off to sleep in the shower, because it's more like his pod.

Echo is crazy. Why the hell would she think it's okay to just run around the Dollhouse with her illegal keycard? I think she overestimates how strong she is compared to DeWitt. DeWitt still has the power to destroy her.

Did Rossum kidnap Victor? If so, why? I like that Langton is bringing Echo in on this. Her super powers are really coming in handy.

"Group mind engage!" Victor's part of a soldier hive mind now. This is messed up. They're taking the Rossum technology in interesting new directions.

I'm having a little trouble pinning down where the loyalties of Langton and Topher lie. They work for Rossum, and do plenty of pretty terrible things for them, but they keep trying to sabotage the company's other, slightly more terrible interests, and save their people, even when they aren't really their people anymore. I guess the point is they have a conscience, albeit a small one. And DeWitt is trying to drown hers in liquor. Anyway, I would like to reiterate that I still don't see why Rossum hasn't just totally nuked this house yet. Maybe save some of the actives, but definitely fire/kill pretty much all the employees. I mean, c'mon.

Man, they can just load up Echo with knowledge now, like in The Matrix. She knows kung fu!

Langton: "DeWitt's out cold. We got at least half the day."
Topher: "Ooh! After we're done here, can I go to her office with a sharpie?"

Assistant: "All I have left is naughty pirate wench." Heh.

Echo just took out two paramilitary dudes while she had a bag over her head. "Don't piss off a blind girl." Nice.

Why did DeWitt wake up calling for someone named Judith? Who's Judith? A secretary we've never seen before? Or one I've forgotten?

DeWitt just steps right into the actives' group shower. That's one way to sober up!

I can't believe Echo just plugged herself right into the group mind. That was a dangerous move!

This brings up an interesting point. If everybody in the group mind knows what everybody else in the group mind is going to do, wouldn't they all just stand around, constantly attempting to come up with a plan to one-up the other person's plan, and never actually doing anything? I guess that wouldn't make for very good TV, though.

Echo is able to just impose her will over the group mind and make them all stand down. How does she have such an incredibly strong personality??

I have to say, it is about damn time DeWitt sent Echo to the Attic. Echo has been nothing but trouble from day one!

And so, Victor, Echo, and Sierra are dipped in Jello and Saran wrapped. I should probably be upset, but I'm actually kind of pleased. It makes sense as the next step in the show's overarching plot, and I'm certain Echo's going to get out of it somehow. I like that the show keeps moving forward, changing, doing crazy new things.
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Friday, December 11, 2009 10:03 PM
On the Viewer - Dollhouse (Season 2, Episode 8 - "A Love Supreme")
 by Fëanor

Just so you know, SPOILER ALERT!

We open with a man desperately in love with an active - a woman who doesn't exist. He's thrown away his fortune on her. Interesting concept. And then: Alpha! Hoo boy!

DeWitt tortures and tests Echo.
Ballard: "So if she floats she's a witch?"

Topher: "I agree with Dr. Freudenstein."

Finally Ballard and Langton let Topher know about Echo's special nature.

Topher: "So she's a serial killer?"
Langton: "Only a little."

Topher: "I am obsolete. This must be what old people feel like. And Blockbuster."

I love Sierra's noir lady persona.

Alpha: "Am I the only one who bothered to dress for this?!"

Alpha: "There are many parts of me that know this is wrong - none that care."

Guy: "It was a blast."
Alpha: "Who doesn't love a pun?"
Nice! Gotta love Alpha. And Alan Tudyk.

Cool, we're bringing back Patton Oswalt's character. He's an interesting guy. It's cute how Topher gets all fanboy around him.

I knew Alpha was going to pop up any moment, but when he stepped out of DeWitt's bathroom, it was still awesome.

Alpha: "That's what I love about the British. Your talent for understatement. And Python."

And it was Ballard Alpha wanted all along. Very interesting.

Alpha: "One of my imprints was an Eagle Scout, another was a sailor. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere."

Alpha is following in the footsteps of Foreigner. He wants to know what love is! He sees that Echo loves Ballard, and that he loves her, and he wants to understand it. He's jealous!

Echo: "C'mon, Adelle, move your ass. We can hug it out later."

The thing with the virus and the portable mind-control device is pretty clever.

Alpha: "Your boyfriend's dead. Wanna snuggle? Too soon?"

How exactly did Ballard speak in his own voice through Alpha's body? And why did he bother to speak? If he hadn't said anything, Echo would have just killed him like he wanted her to! Gah!

Kind of corny, but also kind of effective scene between Oswalt and Dushku there, about love lost, and moving on.

Weird final shot of DeWitt looking sort of angry and pensive. Hmm...

So now Ballard's a vegetable, but his mind is still out there somewhere, in the body of Alpha.

This is strange and crazy stuff. Some cheesy bits in this episode, but I still rather liked it. Very exciting and eventful.
Tagged (?): Dollhouse (Not), Joss Whedon (Not), On the Viewer (Not), TV (Not)
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