Old News for Photography

NEW as of 12-12-2007:

An update to the site caused the photography section to go down momentarily, but all is well now.

NEW as of 10-29-2006:

I'm still working on the pics from Neil's Halloween party (which went down last night, and was a blast), but in the meantime, there's a new set for Sarah, and more miscellaneous pics of Floyd, and a brand new set of Floyd modeling one of his new jackets. Oh, how he hates them!

UPDATE: Okay, folks, the party photos are ready! Check them out here.

NEW as of 09-22-2006:

It's been far too long, but I finally got around to processing all the photos I took of that wedding Sarah and I went to some time back. You can find them here.

UPDATE: Got some more Floyd pics for you now, as well. They're in his Misc section. And speaking of Misc sections, there's a new addition to the main Misc section - a picture of an ad that used to be up at the Westmont train station. It struck both Sarah and I as a bit...odd, one might say.

NEW as of 09-06-2006:

I re-resized and re-saved all the Cincinnati pictures in Photoshop. I'd done it originally on my laptop using a free program, but I didn't like the way it came out. You may not notice any difference, but I feel a lot better.

NEW as of 09-05-2006:

We just got back from a trip to Cincinnati, where we were visiting our friends Erik and Pooja, their son Ajai, and their little baby Iraj. Of course, there are many pictures.

NEW as of 08-21-2006:

More Floyd pictures! Our dog graduated from his intermediate level obedience class at PetSmart recently, and the photos are finally up. You can check them out here.

I've also got another new set of photos up, though these are not as cute. We get a lot of cicadas around our condo and when I found a husk of one on the stairs leading up to our front door, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. You can find those here.

NEW as of 07-04-2006:

We went to Vegas! As usual, I took an exceedingly large amount of photos. You can find them here.

NEW as of 05-13-2006:

Today, Floyd graduated from his beginner training course at PetSmart, which was of course an excuse to take pictures of him with a silly hat on.

NEW as of 05-06-2006:

I've rearranged and augmented the Floyd gallery. All of the previous photos are now in a sub-section called "Early Photos," to which I've added one new shot on the end. There's also a new sub-section called "Just How Much Does Floyd Love Yogurt?" in which you learn the answer to that very question.

NEW as of 05-02-2006:

Sarah, Floyd, and I went up to AG Field Day this past weekend at Rutgers and hung out with some folks from the organization from whom we adopted our greyhound. It was a good time, with lots of dogs, and I took tons of pictures, as you can see here.

NEW as of 04-17-2006:

I've added a particularly odd gallery at the bottom of the page. It's a series of pictures of an actual real serious product that Sarah and I found in a Bed, Bath & Beyond and decided we had to buy. I won't say anything more. You'll have to check it out for yourself.

NEW as of 04-15-2006:

More pictures of the dog are available, just as threatened.

NEW as of 04-05-2006:

Finally got some pictures of our new pooch up on the site. Scroll down and check 'em out!

NEW as of 10-17-2005:

The long-awaited wedding of my wife's best friend has finally occurred, and I have the pictures to prove it!

NEW as of 10-09-2005:

There's a couple of new, very miscellaneous photos in the Miscellaneous section, and a brand new section at the bottom of the main page encompassing photos taken at a performance by rock band stellastarr*. Enjoy!

NEW as of 09-16-2005:

Wow, it's been five months since I've added any new pictures! Crazy. Anyway, it's late and I should be in bed, but I wanted to take care of these new sets of photos: Ithaca, NY and Our Condo. The former set is of pictures taken by myself (and one or two by my wife) while we were visiting Sarah's friend Jess up in Ithaca. It was really beautiful, and I got a little carried away. I'm especially proud of some of the shots of the rock walls. The latter set are some photos of the condo I took when we got back. People have been asking me to take some pictures of our place, so there you go! Maybe not quite what you expected, but what can I say--I like surfaces and shadows.

NEW as of 04-16-2005:

There's a few more photos of my neice now available for cooing over in her section, as well as a few more photos of cats Shelby and Buster in the Cats Which Are Not Mine section, which I suppose you could coo over, too, if you're so inclined.

NEW as of 04-09-2005:

Check out the exciting new section, featuring photos of my brand new niece, Carolyn!

NEW as of 12-23-2004:

Yet more photos have been added to the end of the Miscellaneous section, this time of a squirrel who was sitting right outside of our kitchen window this morning, posing. He seemed so clearly to want his picture taken that I decided to oblige. Enjoy!

NEW as of 12-10-2004:

Some photos of the area above the front door of the building where I work have now appeared at the end of the Miscellaneous section. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the Christmas wreath and the Fallout Shelter sign. I mean, I guess both symbols are comforting in their own way, but...I don't know. There's winter, and then there's nuclear winter.

NEW as of 11-20-2004:

More photos! A new section of pics has appeared of a neat model train setup that's on display now at the Reading Terminal Market. After I took pictures of that, I was walking across town with my camera and saw an interesing memorial which I also snapped a photo of--you can see that in the Miscellaneous section.

NEW as of 11-14-2004:

Please find below a new photo group detailing, via digital images, our honeymoon in D.C.

NEW as of 11-13-2004:

Pictures from our wedding are now available! All except the turtle were taken by my brother; few picture were taken with my camera, for reasons that should be obvious.

Stay tuned for pictures from our honeymoon! I'll be posting them as soon as I finish sorting and preparing them all.

NEW as of 11-08-2004:

A new photo has magically appeared in the Miscellaneous section. Go check it out.

NEW as of 10-31-2004:

New photos! The first group, from a parade I checked out with some friends before we went to a Halloween party. It was a parade of puppets put on by the Spiral Q Puppet Theater, celebrating Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. The next group of photos is from the two Halloween parties I attended. Check 'em out!

NEW as of 10-04-2004:

I've finally gotten around to uploading my pics from the PA Renaissance Faire. Check 'em out!

NEW as of 09-06-2004:

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to Grounds for Sculpture, and I came back with a memory card full of cool photos that I've just uploaded to the site. Enjoy!

NEW as of 08-28-2004:

I had some more weird photos to post, and nowhere to really put them, so I added a new Miscellaneous category. Happy viewing!

NEW as of 08-09-2004:

I added a new category of photos and moved one of my old "miscellaneous" photos into it. Most of these new pics are of my brother's cats--Shelby Foote and Buster Keaton. Actually, most of them are of Buster. Shelby wasn't as cooperative with the camera.

NEW as of 08-06-2004:

I've added some new photos that I took with my awesome new digital camera. I've had them sitting around for a while, but I finally decided it was time to get them out and up on the web. Mostly they're photos of my old apartment (I just moved). And then there's one of a cat.

NEW as of 05-18-2004:

First of all, my photography page has a news section now! Second of all, this section now works by reading xml files. This shouldn't change the way it looks at all on your end, but it's a pretty exciting change on my end. It should make adding photos and changing the way photos are arranged a much easier task for me.

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