I'm not really a photographer per se, but I like to snap a photo now and again. Here are some of the ones I've snapped.


NEW as of 11-30-2008:

It's been nearly a year since I updated this section, and I probably won't update it again after this. I've decided to switch to Flickr as a platform for storing and displaying my digital photos. I'll leave this section on my site as an archive of my older photos, but from now on you can see my new photos at Thanks for tuning in!

NEW as of 12-27-2007:

Another new set already! You'll recognize the photos here from a previous set, but they've now been altered to be more... Christmasy.

NEW as of 12-22-2007:

New photos, at long last! I have some new photos of Floyd here and here, photos of the results of the pumpkin decorating contest that went down at my office this year, and a new Miscellaneous photo right here. Enjoy!

Old News

My Trip to England

Steve and Evelyn's Rehearsal Dinner

Caroline and Marco's Wedding

Erik, Pooja, and Ajai

Photo Day

Neil's Halloween Party, '03

New Mexico

My Old Apartment

Cats Which Are Not Mine


Grounds for Sculpture

PA Renaissance Faire

Dracula Puppet Parade

Halloween Parties '04

Our Wedding (Most Photos Courtesy Steve)

Our Honeymoon in Washington, D.C.

Model Trains for Christmas at Reading Terminal

My Niece

Ithaca, NY

Our Condo

stellastarr* show

Suzanne and Michael's Wedding

Our Greyhound Floyd

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets, As Modeled By James

AG Field Day

Our Trip to Las Vegas

Cicada Husk

Jeff and Kir's Wedding

For Sarah

Neil's Halloween Party, '06

The 2007 Kenexa Prove It First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

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