The Jackal or, At the Ceremony

At the fun'ral of truth, there were snickers and screams,
but no weeping at all. When the Jackal stood up
and he chewed up some words, they just split at the seams.
And his teeth were so white as he held up his cup --
when he toasted the body and drank his own health --
but his words were just gristle and sinew and flash.
"Have you seen this here suit? Though I say it myself,
it's fantastic, you know? Just the finest of flesh."
Setting cup on the corpse, he continued to speak:
"There's no body, you know. This is nonsense and lies.
I inherit, however." He wiped at a streak,
something red on his tie, while he swatted the flies.
"And a murderer? Me?" Then he laughed with a snort.
"Don't believe what you read... It's all mine now, by law,
you have given it freely. I'll prove it in court.
It is hate that makes right" -- and he held up a claw --
"and it's might that makes cash. Only losers can die.
You all asked me to feed you, so turn up the lights.
On your right, on your left, have a look with your eyes --
they are fat, they are foreign; unlikely to fight."
And they licked at their lips and they said, "What a treat!"
And they all drew their blades and they started to eat.


Jim Genzano

© Copyright 2003-2021 Jim Genzano, All Rights Reserved

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