For Star on Her Birthday

A framework; door. A lintel; sill. A breath
withheld. A liminality. A thrush
about to beat its wings. A border etched
with symbols. Threshold. Intake. Gently brush

a finger down a page's edge. A book
when read will write in you. Beware. Hold still.
A storm's about to blow. A knife. A crook-
ed line is drawn before the cast. The hill

reveals a mouth. A man is walking there.
He's sure he knows this place quite well. Or not.
He thinks he's almost found the fairy's lair.
A broken thing was killed and tied in knots

the way it was instructed in the text.
If only he'd remembered what came next.


Jim Genzano

© Copyright 2003-2021 Jim Genzano, All Rights Reserved

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