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NEW as of 11-08-2005:

The latest film festival diary entry is here. I'm trying to speed things up now, as my arbitrarily decided upon deadline (the end of the year) is approaching a bit too swiftly for my comfort.

NEW as of 11-01-2005:

Still working on the diary, oh so painfully slowly. The new entry is out now.

NEW as of 09-14-2005:

This time I've narrowed down the gap between diary entries to slightly less than a month. But I'm going to have to speed up even more, as I now have only three and a half months to finish the four remaining diary entries before the end of the year (which is my arbitrary due date for completing the thing).

Anyway, the new entry is ready for your perusal below.

NEW as of 08-15-2005:

It's only been slightly more than a month, and already a new diary entry is available! Hell yes! Please enjoy!

NEW as of 07-12-2005:

A new diary entry is now available. Please read it and support my on-again, off-again writing habit.

NEW as of 06-08-2005:

Check it out, Episode II of the film festival diary has been released! This one was easy, because it was only one film, but I took a lot of time doing it anyway. Enjoy!

NEW as of 05-30-2005:

Episode I of the Film Festival Diary for this year is now online and available for reading. As usual, the diary is coming along very, very slowly, but I've made a promise to myself, as I did last year, to have it done before the year is out, and I always try to keep promises that I've made to myself.

NEW as of 03-26-2005:

It's that time of year again, folks! I've added a link to my 2005 film festival schedule to the main film page. But, to save you from clicking or scrolling, I'll put one here, too.

NEW as of 12-29-2004:

I can hardly believe it, but the 2004 Philadelphia Film Festival Diary is finished. Please find the link to the final episode below. I think I'll go take a nice long rest now.

NEW as of 12-28-2004:

And yet another diary entry! The second to last one, to be exact! I have three days to write the final entry and finish the 2004 festival diary before 2004 is over. The finish line is in sight! I'm breathless with excitement. Well, not really, but almost.

NEW as of 12-27-2004:

Another diary entry up. I'm working furiously to get the thing finished before the year is out. And seeing as how I now only have two entries left to write, I think I actually have a chance. Wish me luck!

NEW as of 12-23-2004:

You may not believe this, but I have actually written and posted another film festival diary entry, and am still holding out the slim hope that I might complete the diary before the year is out. After all, there is a long weekend coming up...

NEW as of 10-21-2004:

After what seems like years, I have finally posted another diary entry. I'd like to finish the diary before the year is out, but failing that, I definitely think I can get it done before the next festival. I hope.

NEW as of 07-22-2004:

A new diary entry has been posted. Go. Read.

NEW as of 06-30-2004:

Finally, another diary entry. I think I'm putting these out at about the rate of two per month. Not so good. But what can I say, I'm busy. Anyway, enjoy.

NEW as of 06-08-2004:

Yet another new diary entry, full of reviews, mostly because I saw two shorts collections that day. With this entry done, I am now half way through this year's film festival diary. I really can't believe how long this is taking or how much work it's turning out to be. There are moments when I still enjoy it, and there are other moments when I just want it to be over with. But I'm going to stick with it to the end! Damn it.

NEW as of 05-31-2004:

Another diary entry is up. I know, I know. But I'm going as fast as I can!

NEW as of 05-19-2004:

As promised, I've posted a new diary entry for you. Dig in!

NEW as of 05-18-2004:

Information about the reviews (their titles and the order in which they are displayed and so forth) is now extracted from MySQL database tables. This shouldn't change the way things look on the front end at all, but it's an exciting change for me on this end. It's just another small step on my way to world domination...

Oh, yeah, and those movie reviews/diary entries are coming up. I've been busy with various other things, but I think I should be able to get some work done on the next one tonight...

NEW as of 05-11-2004:

Episode III of the festival diary has arrived.

NEW as of 05-07-2004:

I just posted Episode II of my diary of the 13th annual Philadelphia film festival. I'm afraid the diary's coming along quite slowly this year. It's a busy time, and I just can't seem to make myself write a quick, short review. But hang in there, and keep visiting. I'll have them all done one of these days...

NEW as of 04-26-2004:

The first episode of my new diary for the 13th annual film festival is now online. Many more to come.

NEW as of 06-23-2003:

At long last, the film festival diary is finished. See below for links to the last episode and the postscript.

NEW as of 06-09-2003:

The ninth episode of my film festival diary is now available. There's only one episode left, and then I will finally be done the diary, nearly two months after the end of the festival!

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