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In this bright new age of ours, it should no longer be necessary to spend minutes or even seconds laboring on the idea for the next big cop/action flick--instead a computer should be able to produce said idea at the click of a button. Thus, the widget below. Click the button and you too can pitch a script idea to a Hollywood honcho!

(P.S. This used to be on the site in the form of a Java Applet, but I became disillusioned with Java and tired of trying to keep my Applets up to date. Thus this new non-Java version.)


NEW as of 07-10-2011:

I've now added a Google +1 button to the page, to join the Twitter and Facebook buttons. It should work dynamically, so you can use it to +1 specific cop movie premises. As always, let me know if you have any issues!

NEW as of 01-17-2011:

I've now added a Facebook "Like" button to the page, next to the Tweet button. I'm sad to say the Like button isn't as dynamic as the Tweet button, but it will still allow you to recommend the page on Facebook, which I think is cool. Have fun with it! Or don't, as you like.

NEW as of 01-14-2011:

Based on some user feedback (thanks, Mike!), I've updated the new "Tweet This Cop Movie" feature. Now if the cop movie premise in question is too long, it will be cut down to Twitter size so you can tweet without fear of embarrassment! Furthermore, when someone follows the link in said tweet, the field at the bottom of the page will be pre-populated with the particular cop movie premise you found so amusing, so your followers can read the full, hilarious text, and not be left forever wondering what was after that ellipsis. Hooray!

Note that in order to make this work properly, I was forced to change some URLs on my website. This shouldn't affect you guys at all, as all the old URLs will quietly redirect to the new ones, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

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