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Buttons is a silly web app for babies and other humans who can't keep their hands off of the keyboard and the mouse. Pressing any key, or clicking anywhere on the screen, will cause a random image to appear and a random sound to play. It's fun!

To launch Buttons, just make sure to turn off any popup blockers, then click the "Click to Launch!" link above! You can also click the big "BUTTONS!" link below.

Buttons needs to preload all the images and sounds so it will run swiftly, so please be patient during launch. If you don't want to download all those files, and would rather use fewer images and/or sounds, check out the settings page.

Before using Buttons for the first time, and/or if you experience issues with Buttons, please read the compatibility and usage guide.


NEW as of 09-19-2014:

I've added support for HTML5 audio! This means if you are using a modern browser, the sounds should play a lot more smoothly than they used to. Huzzah!

NEW as of 02-04-2012:

I think I've finally managed to turn off those pesky context-sensitive menus! Some other keys still resist my attempts to disable their default functions, but maybe one day...

NEW as of 11-01-2011:

I've made a series of updates to Buttons that should make it run better and prettier. I've done my best to make it compatible with newer versions of all the major browsers, but as always, please let me know if you experience any issues. One issue I'm currently aware of is that the sounds won't work if you're running the latest versions of Firefox (7) and Quicktime (7.7.1). That browser and plug-in don't seem to like each other at the moment. I imagine the next update of Firefox will fix the issue.

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