Ghazal of Opening

What a disaster it is, what a suicide, to adore;
Open all windows to the hurricane, and shut to a door.

You submerge yourself quite deliberately in the salt and fire,
The skin peeled back, the meat exposed, bones bent - open: you, a door.

When I put myself in prison, I made sure I had the key,
But where's the lock? I did not know then that I could lose a door.

I would crawl inside of you, curl around the soft gold of you
Like a dragon, a worm - if only I knew the way to a door.

I thought I'd wait on a threshold to see if you would follow,
But I look about and find I am already through a door.

I am in the desert of you, lost, entering and entered,
Consuming and consumed. I walk the smooth sands, the dune a door.

I was Janus, Lord of ways, I could see in front and behind,
I was God and safe. But you opened me. I am, too, a door.

1/8/2015, 1/9/2015

Jim Genzano

© Copyright 2003-2019 Jim Genzano, All Rights Reserved

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