Thin Red Line, The

     The Thin Red Line, directed by Terence Malick, starring Nick Nolte, Sean Penn, Jared Leto, John Travolta, John Cusack, George Clooney, and Woody Harrelson. Don't be tricked by the ads, it's not another Saving Private Ryan. In some ways it's better, or at least more experimental. And don't be tricked by all those big stars in the cast; most of those guys aren't in the movie for very long, except Sean Penn and Nick Nolte (Nolte is amazing; his character is totally compelling, and his performance is stunning). This is not a Hollywood, star-driven film. It's totally different from anything else on the screen today, which is probably why everybody stopped going to see it. But don't let that turn you away; even though this is a challenging and meditative film (not to mention long), it's also interesting, intelligent and deals with questions about war, theology, and the nature of reality that are important to us all as human beings. So if you're human, you should see it!

Jim Genzano

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