Star Trek: Insurrection

     Yet another installment in the Star Trek series (sigh). Don't get me wrong, I am a loyal Trekker, and I'll go see the next movie whenever it comes out. It's just that many of the episodes of the old TV shows were more interesting and inventive than any of the Star Trek movies have been. They've found a formula for these films that seems to bring in the big bucks and now they're just plugging away at it, sticking in different aliens and Federation officials as the villains, coming up with new ridiculous-sounding technical terms and procedures that they can use to get the heroes out of jams, inventing more and more embarrassing and goofy things to happen to Worf and Data, and always, always setting everything to self-destruct! And how many times has Piccard been trapped in a cave now? All the cast from "The Next Generation" is back, and Jonathon Frakes, good old Number One, is directing again. I wonder what would happen if David Lynch directed a Star Trek film...

Jim Genzano

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