Old News for They're Cops

NEW as of 01-11-2011:

Exciting new feature! Now when you generate a cop movie you particularly like, you can click the "Tweet This Cop Movie" link and automatically post it directly to your Twitter account! Getting this feature to work involved lots of rage, cursing, and fighting with the Twitter API, so I hope you enjoy it!

NEW as of 12-07-2007:

Good news, everyone! The cops widget now supports Firefox! So feel free to generate cop movie premises in your new-fangled flaming animal browsers now, as well. And as always please keep me apprised of any issues you may have. Thanks!

NEW as of 12-03-2007:

The cops are back!

I recently shut down the applets section of my website, which contained a Java applet that generated random cop movie taglines/premises. It was an enjoyable little widget, and someone had recently complimented me on it, so I decided I couldn't just let it die, and I rebuilt it using php, ajax, and MySQL. The result is below. Enjoy!

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